A powerful collaboration tool to create and inspire.
A place where you can extend your ideas to the world.
Empowering people with a creative mindset to the masses.
"Ideation without execution is delusion" - Robin Sharma

Our story

Seeing an opportunity in an ever growing market of technology, social media and apps. We are here to make a difference to people's lives from "all walks of life" enabling them to be part of the headcliQ family. Our app allows people from all over the globe to share ideas, collaborate, innovate and take action. The end result is what would ultimately be a successful idea by bringing the world's creative minds together. An "idea goes nowhere locked in someone's head".

Our mission

Bringing people together from all paths of the globe, empowering them with a tool that enables dreams to come to life. What was once a mere thought and an unachievable idea, is now possible with headcliQ.

How do we get there

This is our dream, a way to enable people and the way we get there is with YOU. Sharing your ideas grows our network, in that way your ideas have a higher reach and more views making it easier for collaboration. An idea for a new product may spring from a mind of an individual, but only a collective effort can carry that idea through prototyping and launch.

Set your mind free

Join a network of individuals who share the same interests and dreams.
Collaborate, put your minds together and headcliQ intuitively.
You can and you will, make it happen!